I forgot to do redraw a scene. So I'm trying to get it quickly done. Animation is almost done and I'm currently finalizing all composition and creating a master file.

Just keep swimming...

Update on my thesis: Where I am at, Time is ticking.

 To summarize where I'm at in production. Well gee, it is getting a little hot as I've noticed the time dwindling and the deadline slowly creeping over the horizon. I'm currently in the process of editing timing and skinning. That's about all i would have to say. I'm also work on other projects that I am required to do. I wish there was more time. I'm also finalizing backgrounds, final comping of shots, and working on my own Foley sound.

Finally got to the Title of the film. To be honest I would have done this earlier, but I've been really trying to figure out how I was going to approach the title of my animation. I'm going to take it a part after this and get it ready for after effects.

Before going digital :o