This background, my gosh is taking so long to even finish. I haven't even gotten tot the part where I do the puppet-ing and animation part.

I have to say that these forest scenes are going to take the longest to do.

Uh, I have a couple more backgrounds I'm doing and some new notes on this project. Eventually that will be on here.

 I don't know why this isn't showing up.

What, this is still going on?

Yes it is. I have not finished this project.

What am I updating? I'm currently re-envisioning the film. I'm going back to how I wanted each scene to be structured. I only did what I needed to do for the project to be graded. Now that grades are over, I'll be able to finish what I've started. I'm currently editing old, unused backgrounds and converting one scene into a 3d model. Why? I hated the angles I chose for animation. I've redesigned the character so that he is simple but complex in his own way to complement the detail of the background. I wanted something that really looked illustrated. I hope that the time I spent on this project will help me bring forth more innovation to finish it.